Webster technique and pregnancy

Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy: the Webster Technique

If you have been looking for a chiropractic clinic in Union, MO, that offers chiropractic care during pregnancy, look no further than Family Chiropractic, P.C. Our clinic provides the services that you have been looking for. At our clinic, our aim is not only treating the pain a woman feels during pregnancy, but also ensuring that her body is in proper alignment and ready for delivery.  


Our chiropractor, Dr Alicia Bolzenius, has a heart for adults and children, and this is why she has trained to offer prenatal chiropractic care for women during pregnancy. Dr. Bolzenius specializes in prenatal chiropractic and is certified through the ICPA to perform the Webster Technique. She has offered her services for more than 10 years to many women in Union, MO, and the surrounding areas.   

The Webster Technique

For a long time now, the Webster Technique has helped pregnant women with both the aches and pain felt during pregnancy and their eventual delivery. The technique is geared towards the specific problems a woman's body encounters during pregnancy, such as lower back pain and pelvic restrictions. The Webster Technique is beneficial to women and their pregnancies in all trimesters. As long as you are pregnant, you can benefit from the chiropractic care that you will receive at our clinic. 

Since we are always ready to receive pregnant patients, our clinic has rooms that are equipped with beds and pregnancy pillows. These pillows are very different from regular pillows, and allow women to lie face down on our treatment beds without affecting their pregnancy. This allows us to effectively examine and treat the aches and pains of the lower back and pelvis just as easily as we can on non-pregnant patients. 

During treatment using the Webster Technique, we seek to ensure that we find all joint restrictions and regions around the muscles that are in pain and treat the pain in all these areas.  Many pregnant women have benefited from visiting our clinic, and we encourage you to do the same.

Why should you visit us?

We are the leading chiropractic clinic that offers prenatal chiropractic care to women around Union, MO. Utilizing the Webster Technique, we can relieve back pain, nerve pain, and pelvic restrictions in pregnant women. Instead of suffering in pain, seek help from our clinic. You'll be glad you did.


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