Back Pain

Back Pain Overview

Dealing with pain daily is one of the most frustrating feelings, especially if you have tried everything and cannot seem to find relief. If you have been suffering from back pain day in and day out, a visit to a Union MO chiropractor like Dr. Bolzenius might be the solution.


What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain can be caused by a lot of different things, including something as simple as putting too much strain on your back. If your job requires a lot of heavy lifting, there is a good chance that is contributing to your back pain. Other times, back problems are a result of an acute injury to the area.

It is important to talk with a doctor about how your back pain feels, whether or not you've had any recent injuries and what might be causing it. Determining the cause of the pain is the first step to figuring out how to alleviate it.

Back Pain Symptoms

Obviously, the most common symptom when you have a problem with your back is back pain. However, that is far from the only thing you will feel if you have a back problem. Here are some of the most common symptoms associated with back pain:

  • Burning, stabbing or shooting pain in the back
  • Stiffness in the back or loss of range of motion
  • Numbness in the legs or a "pins and needles" feeling
  • Muscle spasms and other strange sensations in the back

Determining your symptoms can also help you figure out what is causing your back pain. It is important to make a note of any symptoms you are feeling and talk to your doctor or chiropractor about them.

Treating Back Pain with a Chiropractor

The good news when it comes to back pain is that you do have a treatment option. Even better, you do not have to worry about taking any pain medications to relieve pain. A chiropractor can adjust your spine to help relieve some of the pressure that is causing your pain. In some cases, it could be that your shoulder is inflamed, while other cases of back pain may be caused by a bulging disc. Whatever the cause of your back pain is, you can get significant relief by visiting a chiropractor and having them straighten you out a bit.

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Nobody wants to deal with back pain day after day, especially when it is preventing you from living your best life. Fortunately, a visit to our chiropractor can work wonders for your pain. If you are dealing with back pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Bolzenius at Family Chiropractic in Union MO to get fixed up today.


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